Introduction to the Journey building blocks

Introduction to the Journey building blocks

This guide introduces the 4 building blocks that every Journey consists of.

TheyDo’s customer Journeys consist of four key building blocks:

  • Insights: Capture and organize qualitative customer knowledge in bite-sized information nuggets, ensuring a deep understanding of your customer experience.
  • Opportunities: Identify core problem areas in customer journeys and prioritize them using the Opportunity matrix, ensuring a focus on the most impactful opportunities.
  • Solutions: Generate ideas or concepts to improve customer experiences, or map existing features, content, processes, experiments, and more to your customer journeys.
  • Metrics: Track the performance of customer journeys using key metrics such as NPS, CSAT, conversion rates, and customer effort scores, helping you to identify trends and areas needing improvement.

Using these building blocks across all customer journeys allows you to create a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience. It also helps in comparing multiple journeys and identifying the most valuable opportunities to focus on. This guide introduces each of these building blocks.

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