Put product experience in context

Go from good to great. Manage journeys to see your products in the context of the entire customer experience.

product management

Get overview of the customer experience

Prioritize the right customer insights and get stakeholder buy-in for your projects with an approach that lets you plan proactively.


Align your roadmap with the customer journey

The customer experience depends on how well a solution fits an opportunity in any given journey. Start thinking in systems, not features.

Journey - Implementation

Manage journeys the way you manage products

Adapt as you go: make journeys small and manageable and connect them together. Great product teams manage their customer experience the way they manage products.

Single source of truth

Share ownership through journeys

Create journeys once, then use them as a blueprint for optimizing your product roadmap, priorities, and alignment.

Journey Hierarchy

Product hierarchy, journey hierarchy

Create a framework for product experience made of journeys. Allow teams to map out the features, content, initiatives, and processes that support any given journey step.

Cross-Team Collab Animation

Enable collaboration across journeys

Your Pxm will deliver when everyone agrees on what’s important to work on and why. You’ll be able to track ownership and close the loop to the customer journey in a collaborative way.

Collaborate on journeys beyond the whiteboard

When journeys become unified in a single system, you not only know who is working on what, but also what's next.


A single taxonomy

Keep your journey management setup organized when everyone speaks the same language.
Journey Owner

Journey Owners

Big or small, every journey has an owner. Journey owners get notified of all changes.

Invite stakeholders to the party

Manage rights on all levels. Invite stakeholders to view, and teammates to contribute and collaborate together.

Track activities and get notifications

Give everyone an update on what happened where. Subscribe to an email digest, @mention your colleagues, and collaborate asynchronously

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