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How VEMT shortened its sales cycle by 40% with Journeys

When VEMT started using Journeys to help its customers buy in a smart way, closing deals went a lot faster. Offering an end-to-end CX & Loyalty platform, VEMT helps companies setup international customer experience programs in retail, brand and travel.

vemt Customer Journey Mapping


February 23, 2021

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Before they used journeys, the sales process took quite some time because clients needed to ‘see’ things in action first. With customer journeys, VEMT can show its clients instantly how and where their CX & Loyalty solutions are improving the customer journey. Literally showing what solution works in which step.

“Shortening the sales cycle by about 40% means cutting months of valuable time,” says Jeroen Nas – CEO of VEMT.

VEMT uses TheyDo to create a joint understanding of what their client’s Customer Journeys are about. “Basically, we ask them for input and visualise a quick customer journey in TheyDo. From scratch, or we use our pre-built sector-specific journeys. Next, we identify where our solutions fit their customer’s journey and schedule the next meeting. We discovered TheyDo as the perfect tool to collaborate with our (future) clients, even more so in our Covid-driven online sales efforts.”

"Shortening the sales cycle thanks to customer-centric prioritisation means winning back about 40% of valuable time a month. "

Jeroen Nas


Here’s a snippet from VEMT’s CEO Jeroen Nas, after trying TheyDo for the first time: I’m enjoying your tool a lot and have used it now 4 times in sales meetings to demonstrate in which steps of a specific customer journey VEMT can add value. Tomorrow nr 5 will be up. I’m making a full CJ in about 1.5 hrs if I have the pics ready to add to solutions and persona. I use the Quote field for the Marketing/Persuasion goal of the marketer in each step, and the solution field for our specific VEMT solution(s) they can use in that step. The idea is that they see we have a feature in almost every step of the CJ that can influence behaviour.

During the sales process, VEMT and its client quickly identify opportunities to influence customer behaviour on touchpoints using VEMT’s Experience & Loyalty Cloud.

“TheyDo’s intuitive interface and bold conceptual choices allow for zero learning curves, so we dare to throw in TheyDo already during any first call we have with a lead.”

vemt Customer Journey Case

Being customer-centric himself, Jeroen also shares his feedback about TheyDo early and often. Who wouldn’t be delighted to get feedback with an intro like this: “In setting up a few journeys, I have experienced moments of joy through your great tool (really, I love it), and during that, I have collected some feedback items (see attachment).”

As VEMT is refining its sales approach beyond helping customers to buy the right mix of CX & Loyalty solutions, they see early results in implementation as well: “Because clients are informed and know what to ask for, connecting our 70+ Loyalty tactics and setting up a complete Loyalty Program is so much easier when you have a journey that visualises why things work.” According to Jeroen.

While TheyDo gets used to shorten the sales cycle for VEMT, Journeys also save the team a ton of time during implementation and program management when prospects become clients. Jeroen puts it nicely: “Showing solutions in the context of customer journeys prove to be a great way to help our customer achieve success with our Loyalty Program.”

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