A journey-centric revolution

We’re fueling a journey-centric movement where organizations can deliver great customer experience by working as one.

Enter Journey Management

Journey Management is an approach we’ve devised that brings instant customer and company alignment. Scale service design by putting every decision in a journey-centric framework — and see precisely how journeys cut through teams, products, and services.

How we got here

Building TheyDo has taken a whole lot of time, commitment, and positive energy. Our flywheel is spinning, and it accelerates with every feature release and every customer we successfully onboard.

How it started

In 2019, our three co-founders transformed TheyDo from a consultancy company to a user-friendly software platform for customer journey management.

A beautiful journey management platform

They built the first scalable version of the tool together with a team of engineers. We’ve grown exponentially since then, thanks to the increasing need for data integration, customer insights and a remote way of working.

Capital injection

In February 2022 we announced that we raised 1.7 million euros from investors to continue expanding our team alongside the platform’s functionalities and integrations.

Series A

In December 2022 we were thrilled to announce that we raised a €12M EUR Series A led by Blossom Capital and 20VC, along with our existing investors, Arches and Innovation Quarter.

Participating in this round were Des Traynor (Intercom) and Grisha Pavlotsky (Miro), as well as other angels and advisors from Figma, Snowflake, Calendly, Retool, and Amplitude.

Our vision

We see a future where journey-centric working is the norm for every company and they can easily scale service design across teams, products, and geographies.

Meet our team

We’re a growing team with a customer-centric mindset, dedicated to helping you deliver a great customer experience.

Martin Palamarz - co-founder TheyDo

Martin Palamarz


Charles Beaumont


Jochem van der Veer - co-founder TheyDo

Jochem van der Veer


Kees van Lierop

Full Stack Engineer

Roemer Bakker TheyDo

Roemer Bakker

Backend Engineer

Malgorzata Kozlowska

Full Stack Engineer

David Krijgsman

Full Stack Engineer

Profile picture Ihor Prokopenko

Ihor Prokopenko

QA Engineer

Profile picture Bastiaan Gielliet

Bastiaan Gielliet

Journey Owner Acquisition

Alexis Podolny TheyDo

Alexis Podolny

Enterprise Lead

Kaspar Kazil TheyDo

Kaspar Kazil

CX Lead

Guido Knook TheyDo

Guido Knook

Product Lead

Profile picture Cristian Dragomir

Cristian Dragomir

Full Stack Engineer

Profile picture Dario Brozzi

Dario Brozzi

Frontend Engineer

Profile picture Alex Malka

Alexander Malka

Backend Engineer

Profile picture Jeroen Nieuwenhuijs

Jeroen Nieuwenhuijs

VP of Enablement

Profile picture Patience Aminu

Patience Aminu

Sales Intern

Profile picture Aurora Stobbelaar

Aurora Stobbelaar

Content Writer

Profile picture Vessela Ignatova

Vessela Ignatova

Head of Operations

Profile picture Moralo Langan

Matt Moralo Langan

Head of People

Profile picture Pablo Moga

Pablo Moga

Product Designer

Profile picture Carmen García Rodríguez

Carmen García Rodríguez

Growth Marketeer

Alexander Shafiq

Account Executive

Bruno Ferreira

DevOps Engineer

Abigail Arad

Customer Support Specialist

Tingting Lin

Enablement Manager

Julia Rosich

Product Designer

Ernesto visual designer

Ernest Otoo

Visual Designer

Nico Lopez

Finance Manager

Timo Weiß

Senior Backend Engineer

Robyn Moore

People Generalist

Anthony Kassir

Senior Talent Partner

Justas Petronis

Senior Product Manager

Michel Engelen

Senior Frontend Engineer

Lauren Steinberg

Product Marketer

We’re growing!

As we expand, TheyDo is looking to hire for a number of key roles. See if you’re the right fit.

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Words we live by

Our core values are the driving force behind every decision we make.


We fully trust in the power of connecting the dots around the customer journey, and we enable our customers to make the same confidence-driven decisions.


We’re constantly challenging ourselves to develop the most visually simple and customizable tool that offers customers full ownership and flexibility.


We believe that working together effectively across teams is what fuels customer-built growth.


We foster a culture of empowerment and accountability by making the same insights and priorities available to everyone – a single source of truth.

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