The magic of organizing around journeys with Maria Ebro

    TheyDo Co-founder, Jochem van der Veer sits down with Maria Ebro to discuss how to build fully cross-functional teams.

    The backstory

    Maria Ebro’s article “The Magic of Organizing around Customer Journeys – and How to do it” has helped many mobilizers to explain to their peers and stakeholders precisely how to reduce dependencies by including everyone in the customer journey. Here’s the story behind the article.

    Customer journeys as a tool to align

    Maria shares her thoughts on how interest in using customer journeys as a tool to align organizations has grown over the past few years.

    The biggest hurdles

    Maria sheds light on the biggest hurdle that most organizations are facing today when it comes to working with customer journeys.

    How to cut the right customer journeys

    Maria explains how to determine the best places to cut a customer journey into smaller, more manageable pieces so that they’re most easily adopted within an organization.

    Cross-team collaboration

    Maria gives tips for getting different teams to work together using customer journeys.

    Successful enterprise transformation

    Maria shares some successful cases of journey-centric transformation.

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