Research to journeys in minutes

Journey AI instantly converts customer research into journey maps packed with actionable insights—so you can make better decisions, faster.

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Map in Minutes

Slash your mapping time by 85%

On average, journey mapping takes 74 hours. Journey AI brings that down to minutes, giving you time back to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Transcripts _ Insights

Learn directly from your customers

Journey AI uses your text-based research—everything from sticky notes to surveys—to create unbiased journey maps based directly on customer feedback.

Customer Centric

Make customer-centric decisions

Journey AI helps you contextualize masses of customer research at super speed — so you can make outside-in decisions with customer insights in the spotlight.

How it works



Import customer conversations and let Journey AI generate custom journey maps for you.


Journey AI adapts new data as you add it, ensuring maps always reflect the latest customer needs.
Opp Reveal


Opportunity Reveal analyzes insights and reveals your highest impact opportunities.

Features for better, faster journeys


Research analysis

Upload your text-based customer research. Journey AI extracts insights and maps them in a journey.


Journey generation

Get instant, high quality journeys that include journey title, description, phases, steps, insights and opportunities.


Journey updating

Add content to existing journeys as new customer research comes in, making your journeys a real-time source of truth.


Insight categorization

Get perfectly categorized insights from your research, sorted into Needs, Pains, Gains, and Observations.


Insight review

Stay in control by reviewing insights before accepting them. AI-generated insights are always marked for easy distinction.


Opportunity reveal

Instantly flag problem areas in your customer journeys with the highest potential for business impact.


Highlight direct quotes

Keep the customer voice front and center, with quotes from your research automatically nested and highlighted.


Never used to train models

Your data is private and secured just for you. We take meticulous care to ensure 100% privacy.

100% Private


Technology and infrastructure

Journey AI uses a combination of open-source and third-party models. Third-party models are provided by OpenAI, and are stored on a private cloud for your exclusive use.
Security and Privacy

Security and privacy

All your workspace data will be stored and processed within the European Union. In addition, your data will never be shared or used to train models for third-parties.

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