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New: Metrics

The back-and-forth between tools, meetings, and opinions stops today.


Combining qualitative and quantitative data in journeys is the latest service design superpower. You’ll be able to connect business goals with customer needs and rub all of your stakeholders the right way by visually showing the impact of your progress.

Impact in numbers

This launch is just the start of our search for the incredible. At TheyDo, we know how hard it is to create alignment – even around the simplest customer journey. The impact of any opportunity, however, should be evident through the data in the journey itself. That’s why we’re helping you to layer on the data you already collect and measure. By adding Metrics to your journeys you will be skipping the back-and-forth between tools, meetings and opinions.

First API live: Qualtrics NPS and TheyDo 

The way we designed the metrics lays the groundwork for a Journey Management system that enables you to see everything through the eyes of your customer. But building integrations takes time and requires thoughtful consideration. Today, with the new metrics capabilities, we’re super excited to announce the first deep integration with Qualtrics. Once the Qualtrics API is connected to TheyDo, you can bring your NPS data live into any journey step, or link it to your journeys. As we continue to develop the integration, all of your CX metrics from Qualtrics will be brought into TheyDo with the click of a button. Power to you!

Manual vs. automatic

This release brings data into your journey in two ways:

  1. The Qualtrics integration pulls the NPS score from the database into your journey.
  2. You can add Manual Metrics to your journeys yourself.

In short: no matter how small or large your team, department and organization is, from now on, you can always show the impact that your opportunities and solutions have on the customer experience. 

Use case examples

  1. NPS: 
    • Link your NPS as a KPI to every journey in your framework – use advanced filters on boards to understand which journeys to focus on
    • Use the Qualtrics API to live track NPS in any journey or step
  2. Cost
    • Some organizations know exactly what it costs to manage a journey (team, resources) knowing how the cost evolves over time is useful to track in line with all the solutions you added to the journeys
  3. Revenue
    • When you know how much a journey turns over in revenue, tracking this number month over month will help you 
  4. CO2 emissions
    • This is a big topic, and large organizations have whole teams dedicated to calculating the current CO2 emissions. What if you connect the KPI to specific journeys and manage your way from insight to implementation, tracking the reduction over time?

The new Metrics capability that we’ve built is a real service design superpower that allows you to track your most vital qualitative metrics such as NPS, CSAT, and CES, as well as custom metrics like Conversion Rate, waiting time, and revenue into your journeys. For the first time, you can connect business goals to customer needs in a way that is clear to CX professionals and the C-suite. This is just the beginning. With the Qualtrics API you can pull in NPS, but over time TheyDo will enable all CX metrics, and integrate with your other tools.

Superpower, for whom? 

Anyone in a cross functional team already speaks the language of the customer. But now, you can also translate that language into opportunities and solutions that can then be expressed in the language of the C-suite: data. That’s what makes this Metrics release so powerful – it doesn’t just connect business goals to customer needs, it connects the C-suite to the floor and the other way around.

More deep integrations 

We know you have more tools in your tech-stack. Let our product and customer success team know which platform you would like to see us integrate with next? We built a short three-step form that lets you check your favorite data box. Let us know what native solution we should integrate with next by filling out this form or schedule a call to get a first understanding of how to use metrics in your journey workflow


The following organizations specifically asked to integrate metrics into their Journey Management workflow. Will you follow in their tracks? 

“Qualtrics and NPS integrations would be huge” — EnBW

“We’d like to create dashboards and visualizations for IP decision-making and stakeholder updates” — PostNL

“Love to have a (trackable) KPI or metric field in the opportunity view” — Cartier

“Would it be possible to link our dashboards so that we can see how data progresses across the CX?” — Philips

“Ideal would be to have a system which automatically visualizes CSAT and CES, but also separates data from research.” — We Are Nomads

CX Metrics are now available for all users and the Qualtrics integration is available on our Enterprise plan. Are you Interested in integrating Qualtrics for two weeks? Schedule a call and get a free trial to find out. Don’t forget to check out the guide to find out how to fit metrics into your workflow.

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