NCR implements Journey Management at scale using TheyDo

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Case Study: IT Services & Consulting Enterprise

About NCR

NCR provides enterprise technology for the banking, retail and hospitality industries. They’re a leader in providing digital banking technology, POS systems, and payment solutions. 

  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia (United States)

  • Industry: IT Services & Consulting

  • Size: 35,000+ employees

  • Established: 1884

  • Formerly: National Cash Register; AT&T Global Information Solutions

  • A public company with an $820M investment

About Florian Vollmer

Florian Vollmer is the Service Design and Design Thinking Lead at NCR, a multi-billion dollar company that manages hundreds of customer journeys. Florian has over a decade of experience developing innovative solutions in a variety of contexts, especially when it comes to creating an engaging customer experience and facilitating organizational change. 

Goal: Scaling Journey Management

NCR knows the importance of understanding and acting on their customer journeys. Florian Vollmer took this up, leading a team of service designers in implementing and scaling Journey Management within their enterprise organization (35,000+ employees).

What were some of the challenges? Implementing Journey Management goes beyond mapping hundreds of journeys. It must allow for the discovery of new opportunities to improve each journey’s experience through the entire B2B customer lifecycle.

On top of that, enabling a Journey Management way of working requires a cultural and mindset shift that should involve more teams across the organization than Service Design and Product.

How TheyDo helped

NCR chose TheyDo as their tool to bring Product Development, Customer Experience and Customer Operations together ‘under one roof’, so that they could holistically look at the end-to-end customer journey. 

For Florian’s team, the value of TheyDo is in being able to do things at scale and interconnect them – that ability to map one Opportunity or one Solution to multiple steps in one Journey or to multiple steps in multiple Journeys, to truly interlink Journeys with each other, and so forth. “There’s a whole host of valuable information on TheyDo. Could you export it and get it into something else? Sure, but the interconnectedness of the data within TheyDo would require a bunch of manual work outside of it, and redoing work that we did on the platform. It would be very hard to replace it”, says Florian.

More and more, Florian sees teams from different departments organizing work and responsibilities around Journeys in TheyDo. TheyDo’s ability to make Journey Management easily accessible to everyone within the company makes the needed mindset shift a much smoother one. TheyDo was also easily understood by those who didn’t have a background in Product Innovation and Customer Experience management.

Florian’s team of Service Designers uses TheyDo in a very cross-functional way, both in terms of implementing Journey Management, as well as enabling it through training across the company.

Florian adds, “For people who may be coming at TheyDo from a different angle, more traditional Product Management or Product Marketing, there’s a little bit more of a learning curve – the database-thinking, the many-to-many relationship. It takes them a few hours, but then they’re good to go”.

TheyDo is a tool that brings a really simple viewport into a really complex issue
Florian Vollmer

Florian Vollmer

Service Design and Design Thinking Lead at NCR


NCR’s work with TheyDo so far has been a combination of Journey Mapping, Opportunity identification and management, as well as Solution capability mapping for new Product Development. 

“NCR has offerings in Retail, Hospitality and Banking, and we have Service Design Leads for each one of those verticals. Essentially, Service Design works with Product leadership, Engineering, and Product Marketing to create current state journeys in TheyDo. Then they workshop around future state journeys, identifying opportunities that define the Product Roadmap”.

For Florian, the ability to connect people, processes, and products using a Journey Management way of working is everything. TheyDo empowered NCR’s team of Service Designers to scale Journey Management at an Enterprise level, making customer journeys the centerpiece that drives Product innovation and Customer Experience.


Future plans

NCR is committed to continuing to scale Journey Management across the organization. The Service Design team relies on TheyDo, expanding its use through training across the company.

Florian shares that, “The onboarding material that’s available through TheyDo continues to improve and that’s a nice thing to lean on. The walk-me style product tour and the ‘have you seen this feature’ kind of thing in the platform seem to be very useful. We do weekly office hours to stay very close to our internal user base. I have a couple of my designers do informal interviews with the users that we have on the platform right now”.

Florian continues to explore Journey Management further, and NCR’s experience with TheyDo keeps on inspiring new product features to help enterprises.

He recently shared the Service Design Show stage with TheyDo’s CEO Jochem van der Veer to talk about connecting journeys and business goals.

Watch Florian’s testimonial about TheyDo here.

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