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Announcing our 12M Series A

We're thrilled to announce that we’ve raised a €12M EUR Series A led by Blossom Capital and 20VC, along with our existing investors, Arches and Innovation Quarter. Participating in this round were Des Traynor (Intercom) and Grisha Pavlotsky (Miro), as well as other angels and advisors from Figma, Snowflake, Calendly, Retool, and Amplitude.


December 13, 2022

#Journey Management

We started TheyDo almost three years ago, and it’s within the last year that we were still trying to find a product-market fit and solving the first set of complex challenges of Journey Management – having a unified framework, thinking out how the workflow needs to evolve and what the data model of the future looks like. Back then, our goal was to see if it was even possible to manage journeys the way teams already manage products.

Now, we have a fantastic team of 20 people – the OGs of Journey Management – and over 5000 users. On top of that, we’ve raised a €12M EUR Series A that will allow us to build out the future of Journey Management with our new partners.

Without further ado, here’s what this means for you.

Supporting all data integrations

The release of the metrics features last month marked the start of the next frontier for Journey Management. Having your data analysis tools integrate directly into the journeys you work on is every service designer’s dream. But it’s easier said than done. Consolidating CX metrics, or even a single metric like NPS, is challenging for many organizations. Measuring across various tools, teams and levels means that it’s not a copy-paste exercise. 

At TheyDo we make approaching data simple. The key here is bringing the right metrics into the context of where they get measured. In 2023, you can expect all of your favorite analytics to flow directly into TheyDo. We’re continuing to integrate APIs for CX tools, and will expand into transactional data. 

But mapping was never the end game. As your teams work closely with the data analysts, integrating directly with the data warehouse or marketplace in your company, we’ll make surfacing the right metrics easy. Ultimately, our vision is to have you capture any event for any journey, while being able to maintain a grip on the unmeasurable parts of your journeys. And yes, this also includes your messy qualitative insights. Spoiler alert: we’ll be releasing a game changer for insight management in early January.

Decreasing the time to alignment

In today’s hybrid work environment, relying on our tools is essential. But you can’t run your business on a whiteboard. As Neil Dunbar from Atlassian shared in one of our community sessions: “It’s the decision-making rituals that need to be codified”. We are building out the things that enable you to make decisions around your journeys in one place, including projects, docs, and saved views – all geared towards smooth and effortless decision-making.

Creating deeper data and workflow integration

And what about the impact we want to create? Building the customer experience together is just one of the promises of Journey Management. But once you have worked across teams, from insight to implementation, you want to know if it moved the needle for your customer and your business. In most organizations today, things get shipped, content gets changed, and new initiatives get launched all the time. But if you look back on any metric, it’s hard to say what impacted what. This makes it impossible to define the ROI of your project. Well, not anymore. With TheyDo we are bringing a unique feedback loop into every journey that the solution impacts. You can count on us to know who, when, and where solutions impacted the customer experience across the board.

Redefining Journey Management with our community

This next year we’ll open up our community to all journey managers out there. We’re currently seeing collaboration among like-minded professionals emerge within a private Slack group. With this new funding, we’ll be able to invest in better tools, co-creation, and more importantly, bring the community content directly into the product. 

This includes generative AI to help you visualize journeys, or get started in describing the opportunities – each of which will become topics for the co-creation sessions we host. As part of creating a lively community, our teams are working on (digital) events to get all of us together around the most pressing topics. If you haven’t seen it, please check out our Community and get on the waitlist.

Growing the team

If you are excited about Journey Management, please let us know! We’re looking for amazing people to join our 20-person team. If developing our SDK, experimenting with how generative AI can make journeys come to life, and redefining what the journey framework of 2030 looks like speaks to you, or if you simply enjoy helping people to buy the tools they need to manage journeys – join us! Over the course of next year, we’re expanding from one to multiple product teams, building out marketing, sales and enablement to support our customers, and setting ourselves up as a modern journey-led organization.

Let’s redefine Journey Management. Join us.

If you are a self-managed individual who wants to make a career-defining move: check out the remote positions we have available.

New Angels and Advisors

Des Traynor (Co-founder Intercom), Grisha Pavlotskyi (COO Miro), Elena Verna (Growth, Amplitude), Annie Pearl (CPO Calendly), Jeroen Nieuwenhuijs (ex VP Snowflake), Eleanor Dorfman (VP Sales Retool), John Cutler (Product, Amplitude), Larry Chu (Goodwin) and Risto Lähdesmäki (Sora Schools) joined this round as angels and advisors. 

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