Scale your journey-centric way of working

    Co-founder Martin Palamarz and CX lead Kaspar Kazil go through the essential steps of scaling a customer-centric way of working.

    Critical attributes to succeed

    Co-founder Martin Palamarz introduces the three critical attributes that organizations need to scale service design and become more customer-centric as they move up the different levels of the Journey Management pyramid.

    • Mindset: incentives, vision/strategy, and metrics

    • Process: governance, roles, processes and policies, and tools

    • Skills: capabilities, knowledge, teams

    The Triple diamond process

    Martin gives a short refresher on the use of the Triple diamond process in Journey Management in order to scale service design practices.

    The key stages of Journey Management

    Martin explains how to create a vision that suits your organization in order to scale service design. He elaborates on three key elements that will enable you to implement service design practices on a day-to-day basis:

    1. Define a Journey Management vision

    2. Establish ownership and responsibilities

    3. Standardize your workflow

    What do mature organizations do in the early stages?

    Martin discusses the best practices that we see the more mature customer-centric organizations apply when they first started scaling service design. The key is to lead by example.

    How to prioritize opportunities effectively

    Opportunity prioritization is an essential part of scaling service design. Co-founder Martin Palamarz and CX lead Kaspar Kazil talk about how to work across verticals, giving a step-by-step explanation of the process in TheyDo.

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