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Journey templates: why, how, and what

Join TheyDo's CX lead, Kaspar Kazil, and Co-Founder and CEO Jochem van der Veer in part two of our Standardizing Journey Management series on the what and why of journey templates.

Aurora Stobbelaar

January 5, 2023


What are journey templates and why should we use them?

TheyDo’s CX lead, Kaspar Kazil, draws from his agency experience at a time in which standardization within large organizations was a big part of his job – one that could have been easier with the help of journey templates.

Kaspar shows the repository of templates and how to search, edit, add, remove and organize them accordingly.

TheyDo Co-founder and CEO Jochem van der Veer explains how to name, edit, lock and move lanes of your journey templates so that it makes sense for your peers and furthers standardization.

Kaspar explains what you can expect from a populated template, taking you through some of the most used templates in TheyDo, such as the Basic Customer Journey template, Service Blueprint template, and many more.

Kaspar goes through some of the advantages of using a customer lifecycle template.

The Service blueprint template

Kaspar shares how to best make use of a Service blueprint template, showing a pre-filled, populated service blueprint template to help you kickstart your standardization process.

Jobs-to-be-done timeline

Jochem takes you through the easiest way to quickly build and make use of a jobs-to-be-done template.

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