Level 5: Excellence

Where the entire team has a deep understanding of customer experience and journeys are considered the single source of truth.



This is pretty unique. Not many organizations are on level 5 when it comes to mastering journey management. Chances are, your entire organization is designed around customer journeys. Teams have a deep understanding of customer experience and there is a single source of truth everyone understands. If you are able to be 100% aligned when it comes to customer and business priorities it's probably the result of journey excellence.

Gaining deep customer insight

In this stage, it’s not the question of what a particular customer needs, it’s the question of how to do more of what you are doing, i.e.: scaling up! Getting new insights inspires teams to look further into the future because most of the baseline stuff is working really well. Customers enjoy buying from you and new opportunities emerge mostly from new technologies. Keeping track of changing needs is easy when everything is organized into a journey system.

Standardizing a Journey Framework

Journey Mastery is rather a mindset than a finish line and scaling up means improving methods, systems, and processes. Not only will this allow you to deliver great CX, but it's also for delivering great systems that enable teams to deliver great CX. Experimenting with different methods to organize teams around journeys might be a good next step. If you have a journey framework in place, introducing journey teams (cross-functional teams that have complete freedom to deliver great results on a specific journey) is a great place to continue scaling. Be aware that the work of a CX ‘champion’ is never done. Rather: realize that you have the power to lift spirits and thereby your company to a far more ‘customer comfortable’ level. Which, despite some expected pushback, will make everyone’s jobs easier.

Customer-centric prioritization

Since everyone is aligned around the customer journey framework, aligning priorities should be a breeze. Maybe you need a system to help you accelerate, but in general, having a method to do this is not new to you. Having scoring mechanisms in place for both business and customers when it comes to opportunities is in place. Reaching a level of mutual understanding between teams is quite rare and if you are reading this → please reach out.

There are probably a few things we can learn from you. If you don’t have a tool to support your way of working: get an account and you can be sure that our team will help you set up everything at no cost. Again, it’s rare to meet organizations this far in their maturity and it is our pleasure to help you accelerate.

Opportunities to look for

  • Become a thought leader for your industry, but only if your intrinsic motivation is to help others grow in their journey. Share your cases and methods as often as you can. There are lots of people who would like to hear from you.

  • Let customers actively participate in innovation as well as day-to-day improvements.

  • Stretch your customer-oriented goals, or even co-create them with customers.

How TheyDo helps

Start bringing Opportunity management to the core of your journey operation. Use TheyDo to connect the outside world (sales, marketing, UX researchers) to the inside world (CX teams and Agile teams) with one place to manage all journeys, with a clear set of prioritization rules everyone can apply.

What to do next:

Read: What is Journey Mastery?
Do:  Create a Journey Hierarchy
Do: Standardize how you capture opportunities

Accelerate Journey Mastery

Create a single source of truth for customer experience. Reveal opportunities across journeys and start prioritizing opportunities using the same rules and systems.