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How to create Opportunities

How to create Opportunities 1

You can create opportunities in two ways:

How to create Opportunities 2

Creating an opportunity from a journey

1.   Go to any journey, and create an opportunity lane.

2.   From there, click on the + icon under any step to add an opportunity

3.   Name your opportunity and click Enter.

Creating an opportunity from the opportunity repository

1.   Go to the opportunity repository from your side menu on the left.

2.   Click on ‘+ opportunity’ on the right side to create a new opportunity.


Any opportunity you create can be linked to any other journey

All opportunities end up in the opportunity repository. You can link any opportunity to any journey, which often comes in handy. Opportunities can often be used across multiple journeys, as the example below demonstrates.

An opportunity such as ‘reducing waiting time’ in an airport can be applicable to multiple journeys such as checking in, going through baggage checks, and waiting in an airport lounge.

How to create Opportunities 3