Journey Management
Maturity Scan

Welcome to the Journey Management Maturity Scan! This scan helps organizations like yours to evaluate their Journey Management Maturity and identify opportunities for growth and development. Because embracing Journey Management is a Journey in itself, and the first step toward improvement is understanding where you are now.

Learn what to do next and why

If there is one thing that is true for customer-centric companies, is that they operate with Journey Management. Being customer-centric is not just a boardroom strategy, it’s a way of working that ties back into having a deep understanding of all your customer journeys, knowing how they are connected, and being able to prioritize the right opportunities across CX.

Working with organizations around the world, speaking to hundreds of managers, and seeing thousands of journeys, we came to the conclusion that most organizations transform towards Journey Mastery through 5 common stages.

The framework helps you to identify where in the transformation towards Journey Mastery you are. It allows you to assess how and where to make the biggest impact, in every stage.

It’s a fun and quick exercise you can do online, and in 10 minutes it will help you reveal where you are in the 5 stages of customer-centric transformation.

Are you ready?

Start the Journey Management maturity scan to find out. Most people finish this test in about 5 minutes.

What is Journey Management?

Journey Management is an approach to Customer Experience that emphasizes capitalizing on the right opportunity for the right reasons through deep customer insight, a clear journey framework, and a standardized way of working.

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