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A broader notion of
the patient lifecycle

As a patient’s journey isn’t limited to just before, during, and after their appointment, patient-oriented teams need to have an overview of the entire patient experience.

Manage every patient journey from one place

Delivering a customized experience for every patient journey isn’t something you can manage in a spreadsheet. You need to be able to see and make connections between patient journeys.

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Align stakeholders beyond clinical data

Embark on a new chapter of patient journey management that enables you to surface opportunities across the whole patient lifecycle.

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Track who’s working on what across the patient experience

TheyDo gives an accurate overview of how the different steps of the patient journey relate and reveals where you can instill patient trust on an even higher level.

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Work patient-centric

TheyDo shows you all the data in a single framework so you can see the lack of continuity in a patient's care and find solutions to close the gap.

Designed for cross-team collaboration in the cloud

No more versions, files, or missing updates. Journey mapping with TheyDo is live. We don't even have a save button.

Roles & permissions

Admins, Contributors, and Viewers – you control who has access to what.

Build a hierarchy of journeys

Work out solutions in the context of journeys and discover how solutions exist on different journey levels.

Live links (or old-skool PDF's)

Link sharing or PDF export for print. You can share any customer journey with anyone.

Comments & Activity

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