Journey Management Maturity Scan

Do our 3-minute scan to evaluate your Journey Management Maturity and to identify opportunities for growth and development.

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Is Journey Excellence within reach?

Welcome to the Journey Management Maturity Scan! This scan helps organizations like yours to evaluate their Journey Management Maturity and identify opportunities for growth and development. Because embracing Journey Management is a Journey in itself, and the first step toward improvement is understanding where you are now.

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Learn what to do next and why

After working with hundreds of organizations from around the world, we concluded that most organizations transform toward Journey Excellence through 5 common stages:

  • Intuition: Journeys are not used at all, most people act on intuition and inside-out initiatives and ideas.

  • Fragmented: The first fragmented Journey Management experiments start to happen.

  • Coordinated: Journey Management becomes more coordinated and starts to become embedded in at least one domain.

  • Scalable: Journey Management is being scaled up across all domains of an organization.

  • Excellence: Journey Management is fully embedded and maintained across the whole organization.


Learn where you stand by doing our scan. You will receive a personalized report that assesses your organization against the six pillars of Journey Management Maturity. It will contain actionable recommendations on how to improve customer centricity in your organization based on where you are today.

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Journey Together

What is Journey Management?

Journey Management is an approach to Customer Experience that emphasizes capitalizing on the right opportunity for the right reasons through deep customer insight, a clear journey framework, and a standardized way of working.