New: Insights

    All of your Persona actions and Quotes will be transformed into Insights in TheyDo. Dig in to find out what this means.

    Working in a separate repository for all of your Insights, it was never really easy to bring teams together and make progress working as one.

    With Insights, your team can follow the chain of evidence from Solutions to Opportunities, with a clear understanding of the Insights upon which they’re based and the Journey in which they surfaced.Today, we’re skipping the endless back and forth, and making Insights an integrated part of the Journey Management process.

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    What’s new?

    Quotes and Persona actions previously only lived in your Journeys – making it difficult to reveal revelations between different Insights, Journeys, and Opportunities. That changes today, with Insights now in a new repository in your Journey Management Workspace.

    • Insight cards: show all the properties (like status and type) that you assign.

    • Sub Insights: support atomic research to enable different levels of insights 

      • Factual Insights (Observations, Quotes)

      • Interpreted Insights (Pains, Gains, Needs, Job to be Done)

    • Insights Repository: create a single Insight and link it to multiple journeys (and vice versa).

    What’s the impact?

    The Linked Insights feature will allow anyone involved in the researching, capturing and updating of Insights to turn plain text fields into a relation that explains the impact of an experience (as shown in how it influences the Experience curve). It’s the missing link between Journeys, Opportunities, and Solutions, and allows UX researchers, Service Designers and Customer Success managers to express the experience through a number that represents the impact in a way that their manager also understands. It’s a huge step towards connecting business goals with customer needs, and vice versa.

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    Linking insights

    With this new feature, Insights become ‘first class citizens’ of the Experience curve, forming the foundation of all other entities in TheyDo. Insights form the backbone of your Journey – what your customers (linked with Personas) experience in each step. On top of that, you can combine Insights into Opportunities, building the chain of evidence. 

    You’ll now see Insights in the Journey lanes, but also linked to Opportunities. This makes it possible to instantly identify which Insights led to a particular Opportunity.

    Guide insight journeys
    Improved mapping experience

    One of the greatest impacts you’ll see is improvement to the core mapping experience. TheyDo is not the place where you gather all of your Insights; it’s where you gather the Insights that matter the most – both qualitatively and quantitatively. Linked Insights will improve the core mapping experience for both novice and experienced users. This is because the Insight properties are fully customizable to adapt to your organization’s taxonomy and ensure easy ‘aha’ moments from stakeholders and peers.

    Sub insights
    A brand new Repository

    Linked Insights will also impact reporting. With this new feature, anyone can retrace the origin of a Solution back to the Insight that generated it. This allows you to present what matters the most, without losing any of the Journey context. Instead of overwhelming your audience with information overload, you can easily filter Insight cards based on different properties according to a specific audience, workshop, meeting, or reporting instance. In this way, you’ll only show them what’s relevant to their success.

    Get access

    Insights will be rolled out later this month to every workspace. We wrote an extensive guide on Insights to share the ins and outs of this powerful new feature.

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