User story mapping with TheyDo

Let Journey Management give you a more holistic view of how user stories fit into the overall customer experience.

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2-way sync journeys and your roadmap

TheyDo lets you discover how activities, steps and details exist on different levels and see where they cut across journeys. Zoom in and out as necessary.

Start with a story map template

Using the story map template in TheyDo, you can start with a base and go from here.

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All your story maps in one place

Manage all of your story maps in one system that tracks opportunities and helps you create a workflow around the customer journey.

Track solutions across multiple story maps

No more story mapping with sticky notes. Get the full picture of your customer journey with just a click of your mouse.

Create a shared understanding

Get the interactivity and real-time collaboration that story mapping promises, without all of the complexity. TheyDo makes it easy for everyone to make decisions as one team.

Standardize with templates

Scale your process with (custom) customer journey templates.

Share and collaborate

Bring your stakeholders into your story maps and let them comment and feedback.

Monitor progress

Create a feedback loop from story map to delivery, and back.

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