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Journey Management Roles


Learn what Journey Management roles you can incorporate in your way of working.

Just like Agile comes with certain roles like scrum master or agile coach, Journey Management also has several roles you can incorporate in your way of working. Establishing clear role definitions and responsibilities makes sure each team member knows their duties, and provides them with a mandate to focus on them. Regularly review and adjust these roles as needed to adapt to the organization’s evolving needs and priorities. There are several roles to consider:

We are still researching these roles. If you want tailored advice on what roles might fit best within the unique context of your organization, we recommend the help of our agency partners.

Journey Owners

Journey Owners are responsible for mapping and improving journeys, similar to how product owners are responsible for products. They identify touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities for improvement, ensuring that the customer journey is seamless, engaging, and aligned with business objectives. They often work with cross-functional teams in order to accomplish this. TheyDo enables you to assign journeys to journey owners, so you are ensured that no journeys are left unmanaged.

Solution Owners

Solution Owners lead the development and implementation of Solutions that address identified opportunities in the customer journey. This responsibility is often picked up by Journey Owners or Product Owners. They work closely with design, engineering, and business stakeholders to ensure that the solutions are user-centric, feasible, and valuable, while also tracking the success metrics and continuously iterating for improvement.

TheyDo Coaches

TheyDo Coaches can explain your specific way of working with TheyDo to the rest of the organization. They are often ‘super users’; people who have demonstrated a high level of proficiency and interest in TheyDo, and have a deep understanding of its capabilities and features. These users can become valuable references for other users who may be struggling to learn the tool. They can provide guidance, answer questions, and offer tips and tricks to help users improve their skills.

Governance team

Governance team members are in charge of implementing and scaling TheyDo and Journey Management as a practice (and/or other Journey Management Tools). This person or team is in charge of promoting Journey Management, executing the plan to implement it, and helping to remove any barriers.

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