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Business Case Template

This template can be used as a foundation for building a business case for adopting TheyDo within your organization.

Navigating the vendor procurement processes within your organization can be time-consuming. We want to support you as much as possible during this process.

In the business case template below, you’ll find suggestions to:

  • Define your problems

  • How TheyDo can help

  • What TheyDo is

  • Requirements suggestions for journey management software

  • How secure your data is in TheyDo

Feel free to copy and customize the content by adding or removing any information to make it more relevant to your specific needs. In case you need help, we’re one call away → get 30-min business case help.

Define your problems

  • Start working journey-centric (move away from the process or product-centred)

  • Standardise journey mapping to make better decisions faster

  • Create one place for business-to-customer alignment

  • Streamline journey mapping and management process for researchers, designers and strategists to collaborate better across these verticals.

  • Save time when handling and presenting journeys and opportunities.

  • Work with customer & process journeys as connected dynamic entities.

  • Stay in control of Journey material and Journey hierarchies using templates and rules enabling collaboration across any amount of teams.

  • Work as one when improving your customer experience on both macro and micro levels.

  • Be able to work remotely and asynchronously when working and managing journeys.

  • Prevent double work across our teams and projects by aligning teams on what everyone is doing and why.

  • Maintain the highest possible journey data security and integrity.

How TheyDo can help

  • Designers save over 33% of time of your (UX, Research, Service) Design team with a standardized approach to journey mapping, management and workflow

  • Reduce double work across the board – never have different teams work on similar solutions at the same time, when they are aligned around the customer journeys

  • Managers save the time equivalent of 2 major presentations each month alignment is ongoing, instead of ad-hoc and meeting based. When everyone has the information upfront, making decisions

  • Increase customer-centricity of backlogs – when integrating with product management tools (i.e. Jira or DevOps) there are no epics or features with a reference to a journey.

What is TheyDo?

In short: TheyDo is a cloud-based platform for journey management.

It offers a solution to align your teams, opportunities and solutions with the customer journey, but that is also flexible so you can map, structure and prioritize journeys in frameworks that can be used to manage the entire customer experience.

We believe Journeys should be managed like products. And to do so, we need a modern software solution to enable everyone at [your organization] to be able to manage journeys together.

TheyDo’s CX lead Kaspar Kazil takes you through the most used templates: Basic Customer Journey, Service Blueprint, and many more.

Requirements suggestions for journey management software

Sometimes you just need to explain why you can’t run your business on a whiteboard, or why mapping is not enough. But to help you build a list of concrete requirements, here’s a few categories and items to get started.

Journey mapping

  • We can easily visualize a journey

  • We can add steps, phases and lanes to the journey

  • We can customize the journey lanes and lane types

  • We can add targets and KPIs per touchpoint from surveys

  • We can visualize customer emotions in the journey

  • We can add opportunities to the journey

  • We can add solutions to the journey

  • We can work with multiple personas in the journey

  • We can sync the progress/status of the opportunities/solutions with the journey

  • We can add customer insights to the journey

  • We can import/upload attachments in several filetypes to the journey

  • We can share/export/download journeys

  • We can invite others to collaborate with us in the journey

  • We can create templates for different use cases

  • We can link journeys together

  • We can add our own branding/logo

Journey Framework

  • We can easily setup one or more framework as the base (i.e.B2B, B2C, Customer Lifecycle, or domain-specific frameworks)

  • We can easily adjust this hierarchy to our own wishes

  • We can easily structure journeys, opportunities and solutions in the framework

  • Per journey we can choose the level and subjouneys we are working on

  • Per journey we can choose one or more customer segments (personas) or products

  • Every framework can be filtered by persona, journey type, owner and other data properties we specify

  • We can copy a journey to use it as a template or starting point (from myself or another user)

  • We can customize the taxonomy for every entity in the hierarchy

We can have all journeys in a birds-eye overview

  • We can see all opportunities and solutions in one overview and the journey they belong to, to manage and prioritize them

  • We can see the status/progress of the opportunities/solutions

  • We can comment on anything and @-mention others

  • Notifications get rolled-up in a central activity center and dashboard

  • We can see who is working on the different opportunities/solutions

  • We can monitor the improvement per journey in an overview

  • We can manage journey ownership, and set granular roles & permissions

  • We can copy a journey to use it as a template or starting point (from myself or another user)

  • We can live present a journey and expand personas, opportunities and solutions as we go

  • We can have live collaboration on journeys (work together at the same time)

How secure your data is in TheyDo

We appreciate that we are entrusted with valuable and sometimes sensitive user research data. To ensure that we deal with this data correctly, we follow carefully chosen guidelines.

Besides being GDPR and ISO27001 ready TheyDo offers a modern cloud infrastructure. With data centers in EU, and end-to-end encryption we have a high standard for data protection. For more details on data security, have a look at the Security Section. Or send your Data Protection Officer our way.

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