Customer-centric campaigns with Journey Management

Journeys are the secret weapon that will take your campaigns to the next level.

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Create campaigns that show impact

Visualize the experience

Show how a persona goes from A-B, across devices, solutions, and channels.

Standardize your way of working

Re-use your campaign time and time again as a template for success.

Put journeys center stage

When you’re briefing fellow collaborators or presenting to stakeholders, let the journey do the talking.

No individual briefings

Work alongside a team of copywriters, visual designers, campaign managers and developers without having to deliver a custom brief for every single role.

Start with a template

Use the template in TheyDo to organize marketing content and solutions throughout a marketing funnel.

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Customer insights at your fingertips

Instantly access all the customer journeys your marketing work will impact – so you don’t need to research everything from scratch.

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Boost creativity

Use TheyDo to create an environment where experts from different fields can work together without the typical burdens that stifle innovation and workflow.

No dependencies

Information is free-flowing and no one person or team is holding all the cards.

No endless back and forth

Everyone working together in real-time to manage their journeys.

See the big picture

Know exactly what your content will impact and where.

Organize your marketing content and solutions using journeys