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What is a Taxonomy?

Learn how to keep organized by setting up tags in TheyDo.

As the number of Journeys, Opportunities and Solutions grows, so does the risk of creating duplicates and losing overview. That’s where TheyDo’s tagging system comes in.


What is a Taxonomy?

Your taxonomy is the tagging system that you can use to categorize all elements you create in TheyDo. Some tags can be used specifically for certain elements (such as Journeys, Opportunities, or Solutions), while others can be used across all elements in TheyDo.

How a Taxonomy helps you to stay organized.

Tagging elements in TheyDo helps you do several things:

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Tags can be used to filter Journeys, Insights, Solutions, and Opportunities. This can be done in their respective repositories, and it can also be used to create different cross-sections or ‘overlays’ in the Journey framework.

For example, say you want to know which journeys relate to your mobile channel in a specific part of your lifecycle. Tags enable you to easily filter out all journeys related to mobile channels in your framework.

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Tags also help you to search for elements. Tags are often shown on many of the cards used in TheyDo, and the different colors used in tags help elements of similar categories to stand out. Furthermore, you can use the search function to find any elements tagged with global tags.

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Tags are also used to compare elements against each other. Use it to compare the performance of all mobile vs all digital channels in your framework overview for example, or to compare opportunities within a specific domain in the opportunity matrix.

What is the different bewteen micro & macro journeys and how to use them to manage your CX effectively.

The benefit for your teams

All of the above helps your teams to make the most of TheyDo. That’s why we recommend setting up a tagging system right from day one, and explaining your tagging system to any new users. This will help you with:

  • Consistency: Creating a tagging system makes sure everyone in your workspace categorizes elements the same way.

  • Preventing double work: Filter and search options help teams to better find what’s already there, which helps to prevent double work.

  • Overview: There are many tag-based filtering options in TheyDo. These are invaluable when you want to create different cross-sections or overlays in your framework or repositories. Filtering by tags helps you to keep overview and focus on what’s relevant.

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