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Using the experience lane

Using the experience lane 1

Learn how to use Personas in Journeys.

Using the experience lane 1The experience lane gives an estimation of how good or bad specific personas experience each step of a journey. In this guide, we cover how to add an experience lane to a journey. If you haven’t created personas yet, first read up on that here.
Using the experience lane 2To use the experience lane, you first need to add the experience lane to your journey.

  1. Hover over the lane, and click on the purple ‘add lane’ button

  2. Select ‘experience’ from the list.

You can add one experience lane per journey. You can add as many personas to an experience lane as necessary.

Using the experience lane 3 

Now, you need to add your personas to it!

3. Hover over the lane, click on the three dots and select ‘edit lane’.

4. Then click on ‘add persona’ and select a persona from the list.

Every persona you add gets its own experience curve.

Using the experience lane 4
The experience curve for each step is based on the Insights in each step. In each Insight, you can add an experience impact score, set a weight for that score, and add what persona it is relevant for. The total experience score for each persona is then calculated by adding up all of these scores for their respective personas. Since these impact scores are based on your estimations, they don’t reflect an objective truth; To add more exact quantitative data, have a look at our Qualtrics integration.

Tip: As a best practice, we recommend adding experience impact scores to pains and gains only; that way, your total impact is automatically calculated based on the positive and negative insights you’ve gathered.

 You can remove any persona from the experience lane by clicking ‘edit lane’ and clicking the ‘unlink persona’ icon.