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Roles and permissions

Roles and permissions

There are several different roles in TheyDo. This guide explains which permissions are associated with what roles.

There are several roles in TheyDo:

Role and permission overview

This overview shows the permissions for all roles in TheyDo:


There are two types of admins in TheyDo: Organizational, and workspace admins.

Organization Admin

The Organization Admin has full control over your whole organization. The Organization Admin:

  • Can edit any setting in Organization, including all user management and billing settings.
  • Can edit or create content in all Workspaces (even if they are not Admin or Editor in the Workspace).
  • Can create and manage Journey Templates for an Organization.
  • Cannot revoke their Admin rights, this has to be done by a different Admin.

When creating a new Organization, the creator will be the Organization Admin by default. Your Organization is required to have at least one organization admin. Therefore the last admin of an Organization can’t be deleted.

Workspace Admin

The Workspace Admin has full control within their specific workspace. The workspace admin:

  • Can view, edit, and create any content in their Workspace.
  • Can create and manage the Taxonomy for their Workspace.
  • Can edit any settings in their Workspace.
  • Has viewing rights for any other workspace.
  • Cannot edit user management and billing settings.
  • Cannot create and manage Journey Templates. That is an organizational task associated with organization admins.


Contributors have editing rights within their workspaces. Contributors:

  • Can create and edit any content in any Workspace where they are Contributor.
  • Can view content in any of the other public Workspaces.
  • Cannot edit Workspace settings.
  • Cannot create or manage a Taxonomy, although they can use any tag created by admins.

When inviting a user as a Contributor, they will be automatically be made Editor in the chosen Workspace and Viewer in any other Workspaces.


Viewers are able to view elements in all workspaces of an organization. Viewers:

  • Can view all Workspaces and content.
  • Can edit their profile.
  • Cannot edit or create any content in Workspaces.
  • Cannot edit Workspace settings.

A User that has ‘Viewer’ permissions will automatically have no roles in any Workspaces, but will be able to view elements in all workspaces of an organization.


When a User is disabled, they can no longer log in, they are not able to see any content. But the content they created will be available until deleted. A user that has been disabled does not count towards your billing total.

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