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Journey Management Ceremonies


    Learn what Journey Management ceremonies you can incorporate in your way of working.

    Just like Agile comes with certain ceremonies like sprint planning or retrospectives, Journey Management also has several ceremonies you can incorporate in your way of working. These ceremonies take place at key moments in the Triple Diamond, and ensure a smooth and effective collaboration and handover between different teams, roles, and management levels.

    We are still researching these ceremonies. If you want tailored advice on what ceremonies might fit best within the unique context of your organization, we recommend the help of our agency partners.

    How ceremonies help you to scale Journey Management

    Incorporating ceremonies has three key benefits:

    • Improved focus on Journeys: These ceremonies provide space and a practical way in which people can incorporate journey thinking into their daily tasks and decision-making. This helps to foster a more customer-centric mindset across the organization.

    • Improved alignment: In Journey Management, Journeys, Opportunities, and Solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organised cross functional teams and stakeholders. This makes it important to have a regular interaction between journey experts, product owner, developers, stakeholders and the end users through regular, structured ceremonies.

    • Improved adaptability: Regular Journey Management ceremonies enable organizations to evaluate performance, identify improvement areas, and remain agile and responsive to changes.

    Six Journey Management Ceremonies

    Strategic OKR Planning

    Periodic sessions where the organizational leadership comes together at a strategic level to define overarching Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and where they identify high-level Opportunities that impact all customer journeys. This ceremony is essential to ensure alignment between strategic goals and customer-centric initiatives, creating a foundation that the rest of the organization can use to prioritize their coordinative and operational-level Opportunities and Solutions. This session should ideally be held annually or bi-annually, depending on the organization’s strategic planning cycle. Follow-up sessions to review progress, share updates, and make adjustments can be scheduled on a quarterly basis to ensure continued alignment and progress toward the defined OKRs.

    Opportunity Prioritization Sessions

    Periodic sessions where cross-functional teams on a tactical level (e.g. Business Unit or Product Leads/Managers/Owners) come together to evaluate, prioritize, and coordinate Opportunities within the scope of a specific product domain, channel, or Journey Framework. By taking the OKRs and Opportunities set by leadership in mind, this session ensures that resources are allocated effectively and that efforts are aligned to deliver the maximum impact on customer experience. This session should be held quarterly or at the beginning of each project phase. TheyDo supports these sessions by making it easy to filter, prioritize, and delegate ownership of Opportunities across your organization.

    Solution Prioritization Sessions

    Periodic sessions where cross-functional teams on an tactical and/or operational level (e.g. Product Managers/Owners) prioritize and plan the most important Solutions. This happens within the scope of one or several related Journeys at most. This session should be held quarterly or at the beginning of each project phase. TheyDo supports these sessions by making it easy to filter, prioritze, and delegate ownership of Solutions across your organization.

    Journey Mapping Workshops

    Regular sessions where cross-functional teams including Journey Owners, Service Designers, UX’ers, and/or Product Managers/Owners come together to visualize and understand the customer’s journeys, pain points, and identify Opportunities and Solutions. TheyDo is set up for teams to collaborate around Customer Journeys

    Journey Progress Check-ins

    Regular meetings where cross-functional teams come together to review progress against customer journey objectives and to assess the effectiveness of implemented solutions. TheyDo enables teams to map qualitative Insights as well as quantitative Metrics, and is therefore uniquely fit to track Journey performance.

    Journey Management Retrospectives

    Periodic sessions where the internal Journey Management community comes together to discuss what’s working well, what isn’t, and what can be improved. These sesions can help the governance team to identify barriers and find ways to overcome them. They can be done quarterly or at the end of each project phase. TheyDo can be used to collect the feedback these internal sessions as well, for example by creating a triple-diamond Journey to which you can map all your pains and gains.

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