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How to add metrics

You can add metrics at two points in TheyDo:

●    Journeys:
1. To do this, click the ‘Add Metric’ button next to the Journey title.

●    Journey steps:
1. To do this, create a Metric lane in your journey, and then click the + Metric button.

●    Metrics Library:
1. To do this, click the + Metric button in the top right corner of your Metrics Library.

Adding new or existing metrics

How to add metrics 1

When you add a metric, you can choose from any previously created metric, or create a new one.

Metrics are ‘linked’ entities. That means that metrics are stored in a metrics database from where you can link them to any other journey or journey step.

How to add metrics 2

To help you find the right existing metrics, use the filters to narrow down your searc