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Duplicating Workspaces


    This article explains how to duplicate workspaces to your organization, or another one.

    TheyDo Workspaces can be duplicated by organizational admins. A copied workspace can be created within your organization, but can also be moved to any other organization for which you have organizational admin rights.

    Use cases for duplicating workspaces

    Duplicating workspaces comes in handy when you want to:

    • Help new users play around without making a mess. When you onboard new people, create a sandbox version of your ‘real’ workspace for them to play around in. This makes sure they get a ‘real’ experience of TheyDo within your context, without the risk of creating a mess in your original workspace.

    • Start from a pre-filled template workspace. For Enterprise customers, your TheyDo Coach can deploy a number of pre-filled template workspaces to your organization so you don’t have to start form scratch.

    • Help a new team, country, or brand get started. If you expand beyond your current team to a related team, brand, or organization, but don’t want them to work in the same workspace as you, you can help them get started by copying your existing workspace to them so they don’t have to start from a blank slate.

    • As an agency, help your customers set up using your foundation template. If you’re an agency that’s helping customers work with TheyDo, you can now help your customers get up to speed using your agency-specific workspace templates.

    Good to know

    There are some elements that cannot be duplicated. These include:

    • Comments and owners. These are linked to specific users, which cannot be guaranteed to be present in the organization you want to duplicate to.

    • Integration data. This includes connections to Jira, Azure Devops, and Qualtrics. These specific integrations cannot be guaranteed to be present in the organization you want to duplicate to.

    How to duplicate a workspace

    Only organizational admins can duplicate workspaces.

    To duplicate a workspace, do the following:

    1. Go to settings

    2. Click on ‘workspaces’ in the left-hand menu


    3. Click on the … on the top right of the workspace you want to duplicate, and select ‘duplicate workspace’ from the dropdown.


    4. In the first modal screen, select the organization you want to create the duplicate in, fill in the new workspace name and URL, and select if you want to make the new workspace private or public.

    You can only duplicate a workspace to an organization that has not reached the workspace limit yet (Pro: 1, Business: 3, Enterprise: Unlimited).


    5. In the second modal screen, select the content you want to include in the duplication. When you’re ready, click on ‘duplicate workspace’.

    6. The duplication should take around 10 seconds, depending on the size of the workspace.

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