The role of the customer journey map in banking

New Fintech players are unlocking a smoother customer experience. Big banks risk falling behind if they don’t follow suit. TheyDo makes it easy to build a journey management system that syncs customer needs with business goals.


Trust and convenience

A financial organization’s ability to design the customer journey around trust and convenience is more important than ever before. But building trust takes time, especially where money and regulations are concerned. You need to be able to create confidence where it counts.

Customer Journey

Make it manageable

Using a Journey Management system is the key to revolutionizing how financial organizations understand their customers and deliver a customer experience built on trust and convenience.


One central place

In sizable organizations, even the smallest changes can have a huge impact on complex systems and processes. Simplify things by mapping it all in one place.

Create a shared understanding

Make sure everyone in your organization knows exactly what your customers need and value most.

Big Journey Card
Opportunities stacked

Visualize the journey

See precisely how all touch points of the customer journey fit together to make the customer lifecycle.

Make it convenient

Turn that value into something that makes your customers’ lives easier.


Scale smart

The smartest way for big players to scale is to structure journeys in a framework that allows them to make change in an orderly fashion.

speak the same language

Speak the same language

Organize your journey management setup using a single taxonomy
Standarize the way of working

Standardize your way of working

Create customer journey templates that everyone can easily use.
See the opportunities

See the opportunities

Easily combine existing journeys with analytics and user research to instantly spot possibilities.
Make correlations

Make correlations

Personas, products, and services – stack different journeys on top of each other to see where they intersect.

More touchpoints, more impact

Use TheyDo to make better decisions by identifying and prioritizing across journeys, teams, and the entire customer experience.

Track solutions

Align the right solutions with the right opportunities.


Build more trust

See where you can instill trust on an even higher level.

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