Customer-centric backlog prioritization

Identifying and prioritizing opportunities across journeys and teams is the key to working experience-led.

Customer-Centric Backlog

Create effortless back-and-forth

From Jira to Azure DevOps, TheyDo integrates with your favorite issue tracking and project management tools to instantly align your journeys and roadmaps.

Sync journey improvements with your product backlog

Do your team a favor and link journey improvements straight to your backlog so you don’t lose hard-earned customer-centric insights.


Your whole organization working as one

Get everyone’s head around what’s happening, who’s doing it, and how it impacts the customer experience.


Clear-cut labels

Map statuses to give journeys and backlogs the same definition of done

Two-way sync

Enable two-way sync so that everything is updated in real time

Direct ties

Create story maps underneath your journeys that are directly linked to your roadmap

Blend innovation and customer-centricity

Pushing your customer-centric ideated solutions straight to your backlog allows you to build solutions that are both innovative and customer-centric – nearly 100% happy customers

Bring everything together in one place

Sync TheyDo solutions in any journey with epics, features, or tasks. On the flipside, link any epics to solutions in TheyDo.

x3 diamond animation

Give context to every insight with journeys

Push new solutions (including solution details) from journeys to epics without getting things lost in translation.

opportunities matrix

Capture opportunities and prioritize across journeys

Easily see where opportunities cut across journeys.


Track solutions and sync both ways

Ensure that no epics exist without a journey reference, making work truly customer-centric.

See how others are doing it

Create your customer-centric backlog