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Using customer journeys to align across teams used to be tough. Luckily, there’s a better way. TheyDo makes it easy to standardize and scale customer journey management to improve CX opportunities.

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Why we're here

Journey-centric companies work better so much better. We've made it our mission to build products to create cross-functional alignment.

A Journey Revolution

Become part of a high-performing and collaborative team

In 2019, our three co-founders transformed TheyDo from a consultancy company to a user-friendly software platform to scale journey management. Today, collaboration around journeys is the way we align, design, and address our biggest opportunities.

Improve conversion rates

A beautiful journey management platform

Together, with the OG’s of Journey management (our first team) we’ve built a scalable version of the platform. We’ve grown exponentially since then, thanks to the increasing need for data integration, customer insights, and a remote working method.

Our values

Journey Together

Journey together

We organize everything around journeys, from our internal teams to our quarterly goals, with remote collaboration as our guiding principle.
Own It

Own it

We champion ownership and never shy away from taking action or making decisions, even if it means apologizing later.
Cloaks off

Cloaks off

No hidden agendas. We value a working culture where transparency and integrity reign supreme.
Customer fueled


At TheyDo, we’re building a once-in-a-decade product, and the only way to make it work is by involving our customers at every level.

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