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Using customer journeys to align across teams used to be tough. Luckily, there’s a better way. TheyDo makes it easy to standardize and scale customer journey management to improve CX opportunities.

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Why we are here

Journey-centric companies work better so much better. We've made it our mission to build products to create cross-functional alignment.

Become part of a high-performing &
collaborative team

In 2019, our three co-founders transformed TheyDo from a consultancy company to a user-friendly software platform to scale journey management. Today, collaboration around journeys is the way we align, design, and address our biggest opportunities.

A beautiful journey management platform

Together, with the OG’s of Journey management (our first team) we’ve built a scalable version of the platform. We’ve grown exponentially since then, thanks to the increasing need for data integration, customer insights, and a remote working method.

Our values


We enable everyone to make confidence-driven decisions. We approach tough conversations empathetically, and are self-aware to know when to disagree or commit.


We constantly push the limits of innovation. We challenge the status quo and strive to be pioneers in our approach to tackling complex problems.


We believe in diverse teams and the ability to work through problems asynchronously or together in real time (remote first).


We foster a culture of empowerment and accountability. We promote psychological safety in our teams so we can share and reflect on mistakes, in order to learn from them.