Webinar: Linking journeys to business goals

    How can you prove that the journey alignment you create generates results? It's all in this episode of the Service Design Show.

    Using journeys to inspire business objectives: a bottom-up approach

    “Go from journey to opportunity to strategic opportunity, to filtering on annual goals and balancing out your quarterly planning in a way that is informed by customer problems, or opportunities from the journeys”.

    Jochem shares how you can use a bottom-up approach to derive goals based on journeys and how to use these journey-inspired goals to influence high-level business objectives.

    The key is in using opportunities as the linking pins that help you to track your journeys to your goals.

    Connecting journeys and business goals: a top-down approach

    On the flip side, Florian Vollmer, Service Design Director at NCR, shares another way of linking and aligning journeys with business objectives – from the top, down.

    He shares the hierarchy from which everything cascades down, starting at the very top with the high-level business goals, and moving down into the business units that then inform the journeys.

    But how do you cascade those bigger-picture goals down? According to Florian, it’s also the opportunities: “We can drive these goals down and say here are the things that this opportunity answers to in terms of the goals. This makes a clear link between high-level corporate goals and how this one specific project will help solve that. Dive one level deeper by looking at the specific solutions or features that will make that happen and cascade it down even further”.

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