Webinar: Linked Insights

    In this webinar, we shared how to link Insights, like observations and quotes, directly to your Personas, Opportunities, and Solutions.

    What are Insights and how can you use them to improve CX?

    TheyDo’s Product Lead, Guido Knook, explains what Insights are and how you can use them to populate your customer journey and create a visual representation of the empathy graph.

    The Insights repository

    Guido explains how to organize and filter the Insights that matter the most, so you can create an overview upon which to act.

    Connect your Insights

    Guido demonstrates how you can connect each of your Insights to Journeys, Opportunities, and Solutions.

    Link Insights with JIRA

    Retrace your steps and follow the chain of evidence back to an Insight. Guido explains how you can use the Solutions feature to connect to JIRA, so you know exactly where your Solutions originated and why.

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