Tags and Types

    Learn how to build a foundation for Journey Management using Types and Tags in TheyDo.

    Tag overview

    TheyDo’s CX lead, Kaspar Kazil, gives an overview of the different tagging systems available in TheyDo and explains the use of specific vs global tags.

    Who should set up the taxonomy?

    TheyDo’s CX lead, Kaspar Kazil, and Co-Founder and CEO Jochem van der Veer explain the importance of co-creating the taxonomy within an organization, and who exactly should be in the room for that discussion.

    Tips for setting up a taxonomy

    Kaspar Kazil and Jochem share some of their top tips for setting up a taxonomy within any organization: co-creating the taxonomy, continuously evaluating and iterating, starting small, and using emojis.

    Tracking performance and progress

    What are we doing and how can we improve it? Kaspar Kazil explains how to track performance and progress using the framework view.

    Create a journey backlog

    You’ve set up your framework – now what? Kaspar Jochem explain how you can use owner and status tags to create a journey backlog and divide responsibilities.

    Connect elements to company goals

    Kaspar Kazil and Jochem share how to use global tags to define your objective key results and know exactly what is happening to achieve these goals.

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