Prioritizing your Roadmap with Journey Management

    Discover the main steps that organizations should take to prioritize their backlogs in a customer-centric way.

    Define Opportunities clearly

    When it comes to journey-centric prioritization, Opportunities are the most important. TheyDo’s CX lead, Kaspar Kazil, explains what makes a good Opportunity, providing a handy checklist you can go through when defining your own Opportunities.

    Create consistent scoring principles

    Kaspar discusses how using consistent scoring principles will help you to prioritize better. Sit down together as a team or organization to determine what customer value and business value mean for you. Link Opportunities to Solutions to make them even more concrete.

    Score opportunities in relation to each other

    Scorecards are good, but Kaspar shares another thing that can really help to make estimations consistent: scoring Opportunities in relation to each other. In this way, every Opportunity that you score becomes a benchmark for other Opportunities.

    Include a variety of perspectives

    Kaspar discusses how the more experts, verticals, and customers you include, the better you’ll be able to estimate.

    Compare opportunities in relation to journeys and company goals

    CEO and co-founder Jochem van der Veer and TheyDo’s CX lead Kaspar Kazil explain the value of knowing which Opportunities will impact the customer experience via several journeys. Connect those Opportunities across journeys in the context of different projects or business goals for even more impact.

    Link Opportunities to journey steps to reveal impact

    Jochem explains how you can give more weight to Opportunities by linking them to others that already exist within different journeys or different teams. This will increase the impact that they have on the customer journey.

    Sync your backlog and track Solutions

    Jochem demonstrates how you can use integrations with your favorite product management tool to sync your backlog. Plus, track Solutions in a feedback loop, from idea to implementation, across journeys so that you know who’s working on what.

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