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Webfleet Solutions is standardising CX across Europe

Since TomTom Telematics rebranded its B2B into Webfleet Solutions, following the company’s acquisition by Bridgestone, the fleet management solution is reinforcing its way to becoming Europe’s top customer-centric choice.

Recently, they’ve been building up their CX muscle. As Selma Loor, Webfleet Solutions’ Global Sr. CX Marketeer puts it ‘we went from buzzword to execution.’ When Selma started the journey to transform the way Webfleet Solutions delivers their customer experience, there were a lot of meetings, Powerpoints and video calls necessary to get to a decision.

"If I can save the time equivalent to delivering 2 large presentations a month, can you imagine what this means when everybody is enabled to do the same."

Selma Loor

Global Sr. CX Marketeer

Today, with journeys at the centre of their CX operations, Selma sees the quick decision-making turning opportunity into a validated solution as one of the most important outcomes of her work. As she put it ‘‘If I can save the time equivalent to delivering 2 large presentations a month, can you imagine what this means when everybody is enabled to do the same.’

Webfleet Solutions centralised the customer experience in one place so everyone has access to the customer ‘truth.’ ‘It creates transparency and it also streamlines our efforts to scale one way of working across Europe,’ says Selma.

For instance, with NPS being one of our main KPI’s, we were able to identify the 3 biggest drivers for dissatisfaction and we set up 3 ‘Tiger Teams’ to focus relentlessly on improving the customer experience on these fronts.

Over the course of a year, Webfleet Solutions has managed to launch 10 innovations across its fleet management solutions. Although it’s too early to see a significant increase in their NPS, Selma and her team are seeing a shift in mindset in how internal teams use and trust customer insights to deliver their solutions. Doing customer interviews with a cross-functional team has also given great insight into the journey its customers go through, focusing on their pain points and moments of truth. ‘Especially involving colleagues who might not have direct contact with customers in their daily work is essential’ according to Selma.

How TheyDo helps

The CX team at Webfleet Solutions are early in the adoption of TheyDo and more people are getting involved to improve decision-making, based on the information the Journey Teams capture in TheyDo.

"The key is standardisation and creating transparency across teams"

Selma Loor

Global Sr. CX Marketeer

Standardising the way they work also goes beyond the journey itself. ‘Every project we do ties back to our strategic goals as well as the opportunities we have identified in our customer journeys’ says Selma.

‘The key is standardisation and creating transparency across teams, business units and the different European countries Webfleet Solutions is operating in’ says Selma. The only way you can do that is when you speak the same language. Creating need-based personas everybody can understand, and visualising the customer experience as it really is using TheyDo journeys was the first step towards mutual understanding.

Webfleet Solutions’ strategic focus on their customer is reflected with Denny Haayen joining Webfleet Solutions this year as the Head of Customer Success. As the team accelerates their CX efforts, ‘having one way of capturing insights, measuring results and delivering solutions is fundamental to achieve their mission,’ according to Selma.

‘Before there was no centralised place where teams could align on priorities and capture new insights, there was a certain CX fatigue’. Basically, now that we have the tools to align with our journeys online, you see people want to get involved.

With a growing ambassadorship for working customer-centric, Selma and her colleagues’ attention can shift towards scaling up CX initiatives to other countries, with the goal to get everyone involved in the coming year.

Deliver great CX when everyone agrees, including your customer.

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