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Redefining Journey Management

Join Co-Founder and CEO Jochem van der Veer in this webinar highlighting the use of CX metrics to measure the impact of CX on your business.


December 20, 2022


CX metrics and the Triple Diamond

Jochem starts off with a short recap on where exactly CX metrics sit in the best practice of Journey Management and how they are influenced.

Metrics demo

Jochem walks us through some manual customizable metrics you can now add to your journeys on

Jochem explains how to add Objectives Key Results (OKRs) and Objectives, Goals, Strategies en Measures (OGSMs) to your Lifecycle Framework.

A roadmap for CX metrics

Jochem shares how to best get started with adding Metrics to your Journey and what other integrations you can expect.

More on metrics

This interactive roundtable session with TheyDo and Essense on November 2nd was a live roundtable discussion on how to manage and connect all of your journeys, align internal teams and optimize the end-to-end customer experience.

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