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Randstad uses journeys to align teams across countries.

The world’s largest recruitment company uses TheyDo to align journeys across sectors and countries.

TheyDo is used by Randstad


Randstad’s group mission is to touch the work life of 500 people, in a Human Forward manner. Spanning 39 countries, this is no small objective.

Over the last years, they have been building a CX team that delivers a consistent user experience throughout their digital platform.

Like a true innovator, the switch from a process focus to a candidate-first (and clients who hire them) approach is starting to pay off.

Ghislaine Prins, head of global marketing, says the primary challenge is finding a way of working that centralises around the talent, in every country.

Especially discovering similarities in the mindset of talents in a broad variety of sectors, made the team effective in designing solutions that work for everyone. The workshops resulted in a complete understanding of what talents really need and how we can help them.

"TheyDo helped us in redefining our entire way of working by placing our candidates in the center of everything we do, globally."

Ghislaine Prins

Global Marketing Director

Remote by Design

How TheyDo helped

TheyDo has proved exceptional in aiding marketers and designers to collaborate around the candidate journey.

The UX team at Randstad is early in their adoption of TheyDo journeys in their work but already seeing value.

As an example, normally it takes a lot of meetings to align different teams and stakeholders around what to do next and why. When the opportunities were captured and validated, the team was able to put together the entire candidate experience. With the journeys in place, the decision-making process was reduced to a single (virtual) meeting.

As personas reflect the mindset of the candidates in many different countries and sectors, teams can experiment with small prototypes locally and understand how their ideas impact the work lives of people on a macro level. Validate locally, implement globally became a possibility.

"It’s easy to understand our candidates and their journeys when the qualitative data comes to life in TheyDo”"

Deepak Birdja

UX Designer

TheyDo is used by Randstad

With stakeholders and designers onboard, and the journey workflow spreading, the CX team have turned their attention to centralize a way of working across departments like Marketing and Insights, with the goal to get them involved by the end of the year.

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