The Customer Experience Advantage Podcast with David Avrin

    Golden snippets from TheyDo Co-founder and CEO Jochem van der Veer's conversation on the Customer Experience Advantage podcast.

    The challenges facing enterprises

    Today everyone in the organization is responsible for part of the customer experience and people use journeys to create overviews of how they work as a team.

    In large companies, there are hundreds of interconnected journeys with interdependent relationships. The first challenge is to structure all these journeys and unify them in a framework.

    The next thing is to set up a workflow where you can capture insights, create opportunities and then start aligning.

    Making connections

    All these different personalized flows and journeys, automated by data or based on preferences, are still not that good at predicting. Humans are much better at interpreting each other’s feelings and understanding what experience is or should be.

    The teams that are responsible for influencing customer experience, for delivering on the strategy, have to be creative. To interpret data correctly, consider the context of the client and be smart about the opportunities they see. Creativity is what makes us human. And then it can be automated with smart tools to make it personalized.

    How TheyDo helps

    What all our clients have in common is that they have an in-house team with a design thinking background and they already know how to work with journeys. However, they struggle because they want to standardize and align their digital tools, connecting their data to their existing agile workflows.

    They use TheyDo to start applying their methodology and practice, mapping out the journey, layering on the features and communication they have, seeing what do other teams do, and then spotting opportunities.

    TheyDo basically bring in a workflow where they can start prioritizing opportunities across the different divisions, teams and journeys they have, and link them to the strategic goals. And that becomes the base of innovation where they start layering on the solutions.

    The advantages of implementing Customer Journey Management

    First of all, it’s a cost reduction and also optimizing. If you can work as one influencing your customer experience, it’s so much easier to align, to make decisions, to be in sync all the time around the journeys, rather than to reiterate projects.

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