From Journey mapping to Journey Management

    We joined Marc Fonteijn's Service Design Show podcast to talk about how to take Journey mapping to the next level.

    Most organizations have many journeys – dozens, if not hundreds – to manage. How do you connect all those different journeys? How do you help everyone from the organization to work with them effectively? And how can you use all of those journeys to identify your most important innovation and improvement opportunities?

    In this episode of the Service Design Show, Jochem explains how you can use Journey Management to successfully put journeys at the heart of everything – at scale.

    What’s Journey Management? 

    Jochem and Marc explore the limits of journey mapping and how to take that to the next level.  According to Jochem, while journeys are essential in Journey Management, they are not the goal. “You need your journeys, you need to understand them, you need to research them and design them. So, you have an understanding of how they are, but then you need to take a process from, let’s say, inside in those journeys to implementing new solutions and be able to do that across teams. And that is where the management aspect comes in”.

    Jochem explains what’s needed for an organization to make this leap in maturity from mapping to management, as well as some of the pitfalls along the transition.

    The Journey Management Index

    Jochem and Marc announce the upcoming launch of the Journey Management Index, a tool that will help you understand where and how you can improve your Journey Management capabilities and also get a benchmark on how you score against your colleagues and competitors.

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