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New: Custom Taxonomy

Here we are again! Rolling out to workspaces today is the Custom Taxonomy. Using your own labels and naming conventions to manage every solution around the journey.


November 11, 2021

#New features

Here we are again! Rolling out to workspaces today: Custom Taxonomy.

In Journey management, having naming conventions help teams to stay on the same page. But there is a difference between existing solutions and new ideas. Also, there are different types of solutions in every organisation. Some are distinct features of a digital product, others are more like soft touchpoints like a POS system. Whatever solution your custom encounters in their journey, TheyDo allows you to group, organise and track status.

With Custom Types you can:

  • Track Status to know if something is actually ready for customers, or in development.
  • Set type to distinguish between features, processes, frontend and backend actions and anything in between.
  • Group solutions that belong to a specific part of the business like Marketing
  • Set owners so everyone knows who’s working on what

You can now create Custom Taxonomies – so you can organise and manage all Solutions from one place. Custom types is also available to the Opportunity database, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

Note that as an Admin, you can create, order and setup the taxonomy from anywhere in the app – Contributors can use the labels and categories you create.


Want to learn more?

We wrote a quick setup guide you can find here:
Getting Started with Custom Taxonomies

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