New: Custom Taxonomy

    Use your own labels and naming conventions to manage every solution around the journey.

    Here we are again! Rolling out to workspaces today: Custom Taxonomy.

    In Journey management, having naming conventions help teams to stay on the same page. But there is a difference between existing solutions and new ideas. Also, there are different types of solutions in every organisation. Some are distinct features of a digital product, others are more like soft touchpoints like a POS system. Whatever solution your custom encounters in their journey, TheyDo allows you to group, organise and track status.

    With Custom Types you can:

    • Track Status to know if something is actually ready for customers, or in development.

    • Set type to distinguish between features, processes, frontend and backend actions and anything in between.

    • Group solutions that belong to a specific part of the business like Marketing

    • Set owners so everyone knows who’s working on what

    You can now create Custom Taxonomies – so you can organise and manage all Solutions from one place. Custom types is also available to the Opportunity database, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

    Note that as an Admin, you can create, order and setup the taxonomy from anywhere in the app – Contributors can use the labels and categories you create.


    Want to learn more?

    We wrote a quick setup guide you can find here:
    Getting Started with Custom Taxonomies

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