Manitoba Public Insurance identifies high-impact opportunities at enterprise level using TheyDo

    MPI - Case Study

    Case Study: Insurance Enterprise

    About Manitoba Public Insurance

    Manitoba Public Insurance is a non-profit provincial Crown corporation that has provided basic automobile coverage since 1971. They are also responsible for administering public auto insurance, motor vehicle registration, and driver licensing in Manitoba.

    • Headquarters: Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

    • Industry: Insurance

    • Size: 1,900 employees

    • Established: 1971

    Bradley Moore, Director of Customer Experience at Manitoba Public Insurance, shares how journeys are the key to a smooth-running enterprise engine where business decisions are directly informed by the customer’s voice.

    Goal: making CX decisions with the most impact

    Bradley and his CX team understand how hard it can be to have conversations that move the needle on customer experience when you don’t have full confidence in your data to back up the action. Their main obstacles were knowing who is affected by an issue, where it was happening in the customer experience, to what degree, and to what effect. 

    Bradley acknowledges that one of the main hurdles associated with delivering excellent customer experience has to do with advocacy for the customer internally. He says, “What’s needed there ultimately is data that is trusted, valid, and precise. If we’re able to trace something back to a trusted data source or the voice of our customers, that’s what gets action”.

    Our goal on the customer experience side is to be able to say: who is affected, where in their experience with our organization, to what degree, and to what effect

    Bradley Moore

    Director of Customer Experience at Manitoba Public Insurance

    How TheyDo helped

    Implementing TheyDo played an essential role in helping Manitoba Public Insurance to get the engine started, identifying a comprehensive set of opportunities for customer experience improvement at the enterprise level. TheyDo allowed them to confidently develop and prioritize their customer experience backlog, based on items with the greatest potential for customer impact.

    Using TheyDo, they developed what they call a Customer Experience Impact Pyramid that consists of three levels. The lowest level comprises issues that can be addressed at an individual level – ‘low communication’ such as someone on the frontlines identifying a customer experience issue and mitigating it themselves. Moving to the higher levels of impact, they can identify opportunities that have deeper roots and address the primary causes of those customer pains, and ultimately change the context. As Bradley says, this is what “really reshapes how we’re doing things to prevent pain points or bad customer experiences from arising”. In this way, tracing back the data became the key to fixing their root problem and avoiding the repetition of work.

    Manitoba Public Insurance also uses the TheyDo Journey Framework to develop future journey maps which can change the customer context and avoid pains at a higher level, using the insight repository as their reliable data source. This system makes their journey framework a business-wide system that’s operating and helping them inform decisions regarding the current and future state of the customer experience. 

    Bradley and his team use TheyDo to go from the journey mapping exercises to insights and determine the opportunities for improvement – how they are measured, and what they trace back to. According to Bradley, “that ultimately helps inform business process improvements, initiatives around enterprise architecture, IT, digital transformation, automation, and even further training or operational readiness, as well. Essentially, we come in with these journey map findings and that then helps to inform prioritization, backlogging and solutioning”.

    Where the journey framework gets us is that ability to identify and address root cause opportunities – trace it back to data and have a trusted and comprehensive set of findings

    Bradley Moore

    Director of Customer Experience at Manitoba Public Insurance


    • Manitoba Public Insurance’s business decisions are informed by the customer’s voice, backed up by insights and reliable data. The actions they take are now more effective, thanks to the comprehensive set of opportunities and insights identification.

    • They have a reliable source of truth, where the customer experience is mapped but also opportunities can be identified and addressed, resulting in actual impact in the customer experience and in the business.

    • Employees’ well-being has also improved as a result of implementing Journey Management within Manitoba Public Insurance, reducing the burden and accountability at an individual level, and avoiding repetition of work.

    TheyDo is helping to inform decisions regarding the future state journeys in which we wouldn’t be able to have those insights otherwise

    Bradley Moore

    Director of Customer Experience at Manitoba Public Insurance

    A look ahead

    Manitoba Public Insurance continues to base its roadmap and backlog on the opportunities for customer experience improvement identified with TheyDo, and to back its decisions up with customer data.

    Watch Bradley Moore’s testimony about TheyDo here.

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