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Build your Journey Lifecycle Framework (in 5 steps)

Learn a 5-step approach to setting up the journey framework for your organization.

About this webinar

This 60-minute webinar, hosted by Harald Lamberts (Essense Service Design) and Jochem van der Veer (CEO TheyDo – Journey Management), will guide you in setting up a framework (customer lifecycle) to effectively manage your journeys, unite teams and departments, reveal opportunities, and create ownership.

This webinar is specifically suited for UX researchers, UX designers, Service Designers, CX, and Product Managers.

Learn how to:

  1. Turn messy virtual whiteboards into structured, actionable customer journeys.
  2. Build a journey framework that shows which journey belongs to which lifecycle phase.
  3. Unite teams and departments in a journey framework by showing which journeys overlap with each other and why.
  4. Instill a strong sense of ownership around improving the customer experience.
  5. Quickly show stakeholders where the biggest opportunities for your organization exist within the customer lifecycle.

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