Bring customer journeys closer to your agile workflow

One of the promises of the Agile manifesto is to work customer-centric. In reality, too many teams focus on features first. TheyDo bridges the gap between customer needs and requirements.

Missing the customer in your stories?

Link real opportunities from your customer journeys to your favorite project management tools.


Create a single source of truth

Every engineer wants to build great things, if you align customer goals with engineering, magic happens.

Align engineering with customer goals

The journey is based on customers, with TheyDo you reveal what is important to work on and why.

Streamline communication

When everyone speaks the language of the customer, it’s easy to get in sync.

How does it work?

TheyDo lets you capture opportunities across the customer experience. By analogy these map onto Epics. TheyDo also lets your teams capture ideas and track validation. Once ideas get shipped, great teams close the loop and update the customer journeys.


Product manager → Journey manager

Modern product managers think in journeys. TheyDo helps you to align both worlds.

Product hierarchy → Journey hierarchy

Your customer experience depends on how well products fit into their journey.

Capture opportunities in journeys

In TheyDo, journey owners capture opportunities and problems to solve.

Align with product management

Track ownership and close the feedback loop to the customer journey.

Send your product managers our way

If you already work with customer journeys, you are ready to accelerate. Our team is here to help you embed journeys into your process.