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Onboarding your entire business to work customer-centric – all at once – has never been so easy.

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A worry-free Workspace

Imagine the time you could spend focusing on CX improvements if you weren’t on a constant crusade to establish what things are called. Use Workspaces templates to get to that place where everyone agrees.

Create a common language

TheyDo makes it simple for large organizations to capture language in a way that makes sense for everyone, and then standardize it across the board.

Focus on what matters

When everything is standardized and it’s easy to recognize what things are called, teams can turn their attention to what to improve and why.

Start with a template

Use one of TheyDo's pre-filled Workspace templates to create a Workspace with all of the right wording (taxonomy) and zoom levels (hierarchy).

Scale your foundation

Use the existing Workspace of your most customer-centric team as a foundation and invite others to join. Alternatively, copy a successful Workspace for use in other teams, departments, regions, etc. Retain the taxonomy and hierarchy so that teams talk in the same way.

Become a transformation partner

Agencies and consultancies can use the Duplicating Workspaces feature to enable multiple clients with journeys, or help different bodies of the organization to standardize the way they work across journeys.

Multiple Workspaces available for Business plans

Resell your best practices

Duplicating Workspaces makes it easy to customize (upsell!) a Workspace to your customer’s specific business model, industry, and maturity.

Enable autonomy

Create a future-proof partnership by eventually setting the customer up as an admin of the Workspace, once they’re mature enough to do it themselves.

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