Best practice customer journey templates & examples

Standardize and enrich your journeys, framework and workflow with templates. Try new setups or create your own.

Pre-loaded just for you

TheyDo comes with several default templates, complete with a pre-defined lane structure and pre-filled examples.

Basic customer journey template

Use this template to map out your first customer journey.

Service blueprint template

Use this template to map the internal actions, processes, and people needed to support a customer journey.

Strategic roadmap template

Use this template to plan when solutions can be expected to go live on a timeline.

Create your own journey templates

We encourage you to create a standardized set of your own templates for everyone in your organization to use.

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Journey framework templates

Know who’s working on what solution and be confident that everyone’s priorities are aligned to the context of the customer.

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Standardize your journey
management workflow

To scale journey management, we enable you to standardize the way you define personas, opportunities and solutions, too.


Use personas to create reliable and realistic representations of your key customer segments.


Use opportunities to summarize your insights, focus on the right problem and inspire others to create innovative solutions.


Use solutions to capture and prioritize ideas or concepts for new features, products, and services.