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Simplify the traditional campaign process

Use TheyDo to easily plot a campaign across different markets, countries or brands.

Hassle-free planning

No more messing around with flowcharts and virtual whiteboards – use one system for everything.

Start with a strategic roadmap template

Map goals and deliverables (opportunities or solutions) on a timeline using the template in TheyDo.

Welcome change with open arms

You’ll no longer cringe when new insights arise because they’re clearly organized and reveal new opportunities that everyone understands.

See the impact of different scenarios

Identify the key steps per phase and add the most vital factors that impact your target audience’s journey – all in one view.

The biggest pain points

Identify which customer needs matter the most.

Manage Personas in your Journeys

The right channels

Know exactly which channels will best fit a particular persona.

Clear next steps

Get a grip on what to do next.

future view compared to current journeys

Impact over time

Visualize current and future journeys, and how they will evolve.

Work better together

Use the journey format to invite everyone into the bigger picture and add solutions to the opportunities that everyone now clearly sees.

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