What is TheyDo?

What is TheyDo?

A quick intro to TheyDo. Because it's not what customers say, it's what they do.

Welcome to TheyDo. In this guide, we’ll introduce TheyDo and the journey-centric approach that underpins it.

In this guide:

The problem solved by TheyDo

Customer-centricity is a no-brainer, and we’ve seen many great tools hit the market that help achieve a great customer experience.

However, creating alignment across the organization to improve customer experience can be challenging. You often end up with a great number of siloed teams that use an even greater number of tools. As a result, customer knowledge and the initiatives to improve the experience remain scattered across the organization. This doesn’t only result in a lot of double work; it also makes it much harder to identify and implement the right opportunities for improving the customer experience.

Journeys help solve that problem, by bringing together customer knowledge in a way that enables teams to align on how to improve their experience. However, traditional journeys are made in ‘flatland’ – usually as flat, 2-dimensional visualizations in Excel, Powerpoint, or digital whiteboards – which makes it difficult to pull everything together beyond the scope of a single project.

Introducing Journey Management

That’s where Journey Management comes in. Journey Management consists of 3 key parts:

  • Map: Map Customer Journeys in a standardized and collaborative way.
  • Structure: Structure journeys into a framework to create an overview of the full customer lifecycle.
  • Manage: Collaborate together to improve the experience, from gathering insight to implementation.

How TheyDo helps you to go from mapping to management

With TheyDo, Journey Management finally gets a home. TheyDo is designed to help teams organize around the customer journey, making it easier to achieve alignment and make a greater impact. TheyDo helps you to do three things:

Build up professional Customer Journeys using powerful components

TheyDo enables you to easily build up Customer Journeys using 4 powerful components:

  • Insights help you to capture all qualitative customer knowledge in a standardized way.
  • Opportunities help you to identify and prioritize key problem areas.
  • Solutions help you to identify and prioritize key ideas for improvement, as well as existing processes.
  • Metrics help you to track the quantitative performance of your Journeys.

Each of these components can be re-used across multiple Journeys.

TheyDo also integrates with a growing number of other tools, helping you connect them to your Journeys. We currently have integrations with Qualtrics, Expoints, Jira, and Azure Devops.

Scale up a standardized workflow to improve customer experience

The best customer experience teams follow a workflow that involves turning Insights into Opportunities, Opportunities into Solutions, and Solutions into Implemented features of which you can measure the impact. TheyDo supports this workflow all the way from start to finish using Journeys as the common ground. This allows teams to collaborate and align their efforts around your customer Journeys.

Create Journey-centric alignment across every level of the business

TheyDo also helps you to align Opportunities and organize work across your organization. Whether you’re focusing on a single Journey, or a full customer lifecycle: TheyDo helps you to prioritize the most crucial areas to focus on across teams and Journeys, and helps you to assign ownership so everyone knows what they’re responsible for. This ensures that you spend your resources on the projects that will have the biggest impact.

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