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Sharing and Exporting Journeys

Sharing and Exporting Journeys

TheyDo is built to make it easy to share and collaborate your journeys. This article explains the options to help you do so.

Sharing and exporting

When it comes to sharing your journeys, there are two options in TheyDo:

PDF Export

With PDF Export you can:

  • Export Journeys exactly how you want
  • Using the lane filters, customise what gets exported
  • Color your journeys and add your brand logo to it
  • Print in high-resolution → especially great if you are back in the office again

How it works

To export as PDF:

  1. Click on the downward arrow in the top right of the screen.
  2. Select your export options (see info below)
  3. Then click export. This will send a high-res PDF to your download folder. Note that for large journeys, generating a PDF might take a few seconds.

Want to see how it looks? Download an example export

Exporting options

There are several options you can use to customise your export.

Using filters

To make sure you export the right content for your audience, you can use the Journey Filters to specify what lanes will be included in the PDF and which are not.

  1. In the top right of your screen hit the Filter button
  2. Toggle off the content you want to hide
  3. Go to the Export menu in the top right of your screen
  4. Select ‘Use current filters’ as an option
  5. Export your PDF

Include Persona basics

This option will add or hide the persona information to your PDF export. TheyDo visually shows which personas are part of this journey.

Include journey information

This option adds or hides the journey information. The journey information includes:

  • Description
  • Journey type
  • Legend of the solution types in your journey
  • Journey Owner
  • Custom logo’s and colors.

To edit journey information, go to journey settings. More on this can be read in our intro to journeys.

Sharing a link

Journey Management is a team sport, while PDF’s are a great way to quickly share content outside TheyDo, did you know you can also

  • Create a share link to share a journey with anyone?
    • You can even specify who gets access to what content
  • Invite users as viewers to your organisation?
    • With this option, you can rest assured only the right people view your journeys.

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